Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Privacy is important for all “idealCreativeGifts” customers. We understand that trust is essential, and you want to know what we do with the information we collect about you. You deserve to know how this website uses that information. This Privacy Policy goes through how your information is collected, why we need it and the way that we use and handle it afterwards. We ensure full protection of all your personal information collected, transferred and retained at all times. It doesn’t matter how it happens on the website. By using this website, you accept the Privacy Policy. Please get in touch if you have any questions or queries about our Privacy Policy.

The Collection of Your Personal Information

All information is mainly collected for our own purpose, to enhance, provide and maintain our website and service. We will also use it to fulfill your requests and ship the orders to your home. The information “idealCreativeGifts” collects will be used to help improve the communication between you and ourselves. Your email address is also collected so you can receive newsletters that you would like.

The Use of Your Personal Information

We will sometimes transfer your personal information to help with our service. This includes to third-parties in other countries. The information is used for the following reasons:

  • To take, process and obtain payments
  • To process, take and deliver orders, as well as allow you to track them
  • To inform credit organizations in case of security issues or fraud
  • To ensure the best support for our customers
  • To monitor all purchases and use of the website
  • To make announcements, updates and offer new products
  • To send newsletters and promotions with your permission
  • To make it possible to join in with surveys and polls for website improvement
  • To improve our service and customer experience, along with all products at “idealCreativeGifts”

We must protect your personal information stored on our services, and will only use it in the ways described. We use all reasonable methods to make sure this happens. We do work with third-parties occasionally to maintain and provide our service. Our online partners help to manage, monitor and optimize our website for advertising and communication.

The Disclosure of Your Personal Information

You can request all the information “idealCreativeGifts” holds on you. There are times that we cannot do this, due to:

  • Potentially harming the life, property or other rights of you or our third-parties
  • Difficulties in our business operations due to the disclosure
  • Breaking other laws and regulations

We will not disclose any information to third-parties without your permission.

We will not sell, rent or trade your information to anybody. The information is not used or shared so any of our business parties can identify you.